Director Puja Maewal with Ben Affleck at UCLA Directors’ Spotlight, where JAYA wins “Best Film” and “Best Screenplay.”


Director Puja Maewal and Editor Fred Guerrier (on right) at the Directors Guild of America Student Awards, where JAYA wins the Jury Award!

JAYA wins the APCA Best Student Film Award at CAAMFest!

JAYA wins the APCA Award for Best Student Film at CAAMFest!

BAFTA Awards

At the BAFTA Student Awards, where JAYA is a Finalist!

The JAYA cast wins acting accolades!


 Actors Nizamuddin Shah (who plays Dev) and Anil Rathod (who plays Amar) on set.

Jaya Poster with Composer Scott Salinas

Composer Scott Salinas and Musician Matt Burger with the JAYA poster, designed by Simon Toupet.

shilpaandactors_1Actors Faimida Shaikh, Shilpa Mehta, Anil Rathod, and Nizamuddin Shah on set.


Nizamuddin Shah and Shilpa Mehta acting out their scene in Bandra.


Shooting on Bandra’s Chimbai beach.


The JAYA actors on set.


Shooting in Jogeshwari.


Actors Jaihind Kumar and Faimida Shaikh.


Actor Anil Rathod.


Actors Nizamuddin Shah and Mahesh Rale.


Actress Faimida Shaikh.


The actors on set.


Mumbai at night.

The JAYA cast at our Mumbai screening.


JAYA wins a Caucus Grant Award at the Beverly Hills Hotel!


JAYA screens in Zanzibar. (Photo credit: Suryanarayan Bhaskaran)

JAYA screens in Istanbul

JAYA screens in Istanbul.